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One thing i can say, no matter what position i was in or what was my salary, i never stopped studying some extra times. Maybe i dont study or research 5-6 hours daily like before, but at least i spend some time regular basis. Because i know, in order to survive in this huge tech world, you should always be updated and prepared

Work insanely hard. 40 hour work weeks are good and healthy, but I think it's harder to become super successful without working a lot. As an employee when I was getting paid that 130k I worked 65/hr a week even though I was only getting paid for about 45 of those hours, just because I wanted them to know I was insanely aggressive

Invest in skill sets that will pay. No use learning something just because you like it. Learn something for which companies are willing to pay top dollar.

Look at your colleagues who are 10+ years older than you and ask yourself if you wanna be doing the same stuff they are doing today. If the answer is no, find out what you need to do differently so as not to land in the same position as theirs ten years from now.

Make Computer Science fundamentals very strong , mainly DataStructure & Algorithm.

No point of being a master of single technology like Java or Python. Learn several technologies.It will broaden your skill-sets & thinking.

Heard any new technology, like BigData or Machine Learning. Make sure to understand that and implement a POC. Don't just read, make sure, you are very much aware of fundamentals

If you don't like your job or Manager don't react, keep smiling and keep working and look for new job. Never destroy your relationship with people

Read .. Read ... Read ... CODE IT

Blog about what you do. Write white papers on particularly innovative solutions you develop. Write about development best practices, your thoughts on languages and platforms, bug fixes, you name it. If you don't have a blog, you're missing out on the ability to walk into an interview with someone who knows more than just your resume, but also your development style and personality.

Find a problem that a lot of people struggle with that you can solve with your skill set. Write an open source solution, publish it, and maintain it. When you make updates, include the change log in your blog.